Enchanted India Music (Hang Drum Music) by Preeti

Enchanted India Music (Hang Drum Music)

Enchanted India Music Album


Enchanted India  Music  features the hang drum played gently. This instrumental music has been crafted keeping in mind the benefits it can bring to you, like bringing positive energy, removing negative energy and more...

This the tracklist :
Enchanted India Music (Hang Drum Music) 

  1. Sarathi - Music for meditation and space purification | Body detox | Enchanted India Music
  2. Vana - Music for purification of living room | remove negative energy  | Enchanted India Music
  3. Pushpam - Music for space clearing | instant positive energy music |  Enchanted India Music
  4. Riga - meditation music for early morning | Reduce high stress  | Enchanted India Music
  5. Kara - morning music to clear negative energy form home | mind, body and soul detox | Enchanted India Music

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What's included?

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01 Sarathi - music for meditation and space purification.mp3
32 mins
02 Vana -music for purification of living room.mp3
31 mins
03 Pushpam - music for space clearing.mp3
31 mins
04 Riga - meditation music for early morning.mp3
31 mins
05 Kara - morning music to clear negative energy form home.mp3
32 mins

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Will I get a CD when I buy this?

The answer is no, this is a digital download. Once your payment is processed, you get access to this mantra / music immediately that you can then download as an mp3. 

Can I get a refund?

This being a digital product, we cannot offer a refund for this download.